I was born on the 16th of June 1996. in Subotica, where I currently live.

Ever since I was a little kid I was interested in computers. My love for computers started when I was about 5 years old, and it has only been growing since.

For a long time I thought the computer is only for playing videogames, but growing up I learned there is so much more to that magical box...

I always liked learning new skills, and on the PC the skills to be learned are close to infinite: From text editors, audio editors, video editors, 3D model software, and so on...

With my ambition being through the roof, naturally I tried learning ALL of those things, so I started playing around in Audacity, AutoCAD, Blender 3D, Vegas PRO, Photoshop, Unity and Unreal engine, and so on....

And, over time, I became the Jack of all trades, but I realized that I am the Master of none. By comparing my work to other people's, I realized that, although I can do all of those things, people who spend more time in that profession can do it more precise, faster, and overall better.

Over time, I realized that, while being good at everything is good for your ego, it is not really good for your pockets, because all of those trades require expensive, specialized equipment and hours and hours of practice, so trying to master all of those things would not be profitable and it would consume too much time.

So i needed to have only one thing to focus on, the thing I like the most, and leave everything else for later (or when I have free time), and that thing is Web Development.

The fact that you can upload a website, and share the website link so that anyone in the whole entire world can visit it still blows my mind today. The internet is trully a beautiful thing. That's why I chose working with websites.

To me, everything about it is fun: Playing around with the colors and fonts, aligning text and images, adding some plug-ins to make the website cooler...
That feeling of satisfaction when everyting falls in its place is great. And it feels even better when the website acutally works once you put it online !

The great thing about it is that the internet is still evolving. It is a fairly new technology that can only get better.

The PC is not the only thing in my life, of course, I play the guitar, watch movies, learn new languages. I also like to go for walks and stay active.